Founders' Picks for Festive Season 2023

As we gear up to celebrate Diwali and the upcoming wedding season, our founders, Sarita and Sarika, have selected their favorite picks for Karomi sarees and garments that will help you shine your brightest this festive season! 

1. Shoowa 4 Saree

As part of our ‘Jashn’ collection, the Shoowa 4 saree has been designed to make you dazzle at celebrations and festivals. This handwoven silk saree with intricate details in bright colours is an excellent choice for pujas and parties alike!

Sarita says – “This saree is perfect for all your festive use. Firstly, the silk yarns used along with the zari, gives it lovely sheen, also making it lightweight with a gorgeous drape. Secondly, this saree is an excellent combination of both the modern and the contemporary. The unconventional geometric pallu uses shapes in a very pleasing way, accompanied by a beautiful border through the saree. And thirdly, I simply love the sophistication of the colour palette. The taupe, sage, and peacock blue in the pallu play really well against the rich burgundy colour of the body. All in all it is a saree to really look out for.”

Shop the Shoowa 4 Saree here

2. Waves Crest Kaftan Dress

This dress, in a beautiful natural indigo with meticulous extra weft technique in silver zari captures the movement of ocean waves crashing into the shore. With its understated elegance and unique design elements this kaftan dress is sure to turn heads as you walk through the room!

Sarika says – “I particularly love this dress because of the material and fit. It is  airy, soft and comfortable, making it perfect for our humid Indian weather. Plus, I am very drawn to the bold silver motif on the dress - both in the back and the front - that gives the dress a beautiful movement and really allows it to stand out. I know how difficult it has been to get this motif right, both in terms of designing and weaving, making it all the more special for me.”

Shop the Waves Crest Kaftan Dress here

3. Stardust Supernova Saree 

Our supernova-inspired saree, part of our ‘Stardust’ collection, is sure to brighten up the night sky on Diwali day! A beautiful art piece of vivid blues, gold, and magenta, this saree is truly an explosion of beauty. Embody the breathtaking energy of a supernova in a saree that sparkles with cosmic allure.

Sarita says – “I don’t just like this saree, I absolutely love it. I always say this saree is like our little part of the cosmos that we have captured through weave. The strong black warp lines crossed with the black weft lines create a really prominent layer of geometrics, which are then softened by an interplay of the softer triangles in the pallu. The pockets of triangles have a lovely movement to them – it feels like a splash of triangles and gives an absolute sense of pattern and movement. The colour and sheen of the fabric is so beautiful as well and this lightweight material just looks gorgeous when draped. It’s simply a dream of a saree.”

Shop the Stardust Supernova Saree here 

4. Stardust Round Neck A-Line Dress

Stand out in this kurta in a plum colour, perfect for the winter months. Adorned with subtle woven motifs of silver, magenta and gold this dress will definitely become your go-to for all your festive events! Part of our ‘Stardust’ collection, this piece exudes celestial charm. Pair it with our tussar silk pants for the complete look.

Sarika says – “The plum colour of this dress is so unique, I was instantly drawn to it. The silk-cotton we have used gives a wonderful sheen to the whole dress, making it look rich and festive without being too overbearing. Additionally, the subtle woven patterns in the front and the back really lift up the dress and give it an extra oomph to make it excellent occasion wear – formal dinners, Diwali parties, and even minor wedding events. I also love the comfort fit, which ensures that I feel at my absolute best even when wearing it for long hours.”

Shop the Stardust Round Neck A-Line Dress here

5. Stardust Asymmetric Stripe Jacket

Our Asymmetric Stripe Jacket, part of our ‘Stardust’ collection is sure to become a staple for all your festive occasions. Stun in this opulent emerald jacket with gold zari motifs in a flared silhouette. Made of handspun cotton, this jacket will allow you to enjoy all your Diwali festivities without the hassle of overly warm and heavy fabrics. Ladies, it also has pockets to make sure you’re at your most comfortable at all times! Pair it with our Tissue Straight Pants in emerald for the complete look.

Sarita says – “I really love the silhouette of this jacket because it’s so unique and very chic. I think it’s just the right amount of bling you would want in an occasion wear. The design language used here is simple, but its simplicity is what makes it stand out. The use of gold zari with the emerald makes this jacket festive without being too loud. And with then the cotton tissue pants that we have paired this with, the look is just perfect. This outfit is really the epitome of chic, sophisticated and versatile evening wear.”

Shop the Stardust Asymmetric Strip Jacket here 

6. Waves Crest Saree

The Waves Crest saree, with its luxurious natural purple colour and extra weft patterns in silver zari, is a perfect choice for all your Diwali festivities. Radiate effortless beauty in this rich saree that shines as bright as the diyas.

Sarika says – “My favourite thing about this saree is its colour – somehow, in an almost contradictory fashion, this purple manages to be both muted and bold at the same time. I think it’s a true testament to the extraordinary capabilities of our design team at Karomi. Moreover, the material is divine – it drapes beautifully and prevents any sticking or ballooning. It is truly the softest khadi saree I own. The bright silver zari lines running throughout the saree work exceedingly well with the rich purple colour to give the saree an earthy yet festive feel.”

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