Shunyata Collection: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Transformation at 'Expressions of Integrity'

On January 5th, 2024, Our Karomi team had the incredible opportunity to be at the forefront of the 7th Walking Hand-In-Hand: 'Expressions of Integrity' fashion show. Hosted by the CDS Art Foundation at The Festival of Indian Textiles in Ahmedabad, this event marked a celebration of India's rich textile arts and crafts. Karomi, along with six other esteemed textile designers, all stalwarts in their respective crafts, was proud to be part of the show. Alongside our Creative Head and founder, Sarita Ganeriwala, and co-founder Sarika Ginodia, we formed a dedicated team ensuring the seamless presentation of our latest collection, 'Shunyata.' 

Allow me to take you behind the scenes of our experience at this prestigious showcase.

The journey began way back in June when we were invited to be part of the show. It was a challenge to conceptualize, design and execute the collection within a short span of just 6 months. At every step, we learnt something new as we, with our team of designers and artisans, experimented both on the loom and off the loom and finalized our designs and silhouettes. There were times when we questioned ourselves and felt that we wouldn’t be able to make the January deadline. But we did it. And on January 4th we were in Ahmedabad with our Collection ‘Shunyata’ , dot on time with fittings and rehearsals for the upcoming show. 

"Captivating ensemble: The Shunyata Collection by Karomi showcased in its entirety at the show. A visual feast of experimental jamdani designs, redefining chic minimalism with precise cuts, fluid drapes, and sharp lines. Each garment tells a story of timeless sophistication and the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity."

Philosophical Inspiration - Embracing 'Shunyata'

The collection draws inspiration from the Buddhist/Hindu philosophical concept of 'Shunyata,' translating to "emptiness" or "voidness." This theme encourages a transformative journey, where traditional craft techniques symbolize interconnectedness and the realization that all phenomena lack inherent existence. 

'Shunyata' is a collection that marries the traditional pit loom Jamdani with the intricate Jacquard method, resulting in a harmonious fusion of craftsmanship. The collection's color palette, combining deep black and plum with vibrant blue threads, symbolizes the birth of clarity from obscurity.

"Close-up detail of a model gracefully showcasing Karomi's collection. The experimental jamdani design comes to life in vibrant hues, intricate weaves, and elegant drapes. A meticulous display of the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and contemporary sophistication in every thread."

This collection's silhouettes redefine chic minimalism with precise cuts, fluid drapes, and sharp lines, embodying the essence of emptiness. Modern allure meets minimal grunge, inviting wearers to embrace timeless sophistication through experimental jamdani designs. Each garment encapsulates a captivating blend of tradition and contemporary elegance.

At the commencement of the fashion show, the resonant beats of Dhunuchi Naach and the traditional ulu sounds filled the air, invoking the rich cultural traditions of Bengal. This ritual, steeped in history and performed to ward off evil, set the perfect ambience, infusing the runway with authenticity and charm.

"Elegant portrayal of Dhunuchi Naach: A woman adorned in a saree from the Shunyata Collection by Karomi, gracefully performing the traditional dance. The garment's experimental jamdani design enhances the cultural elegance of the Dhunuchi Naach, celebrating the fusion of tradition and contemporary allure in this captivating moment."

Then our models gracefully walked the ramp adorned in 'Shunyata,' the audience witnessed more than a typical fashion showcase. The air was filled with a captivating blend of traditional and contemporary notes. The soul-stirring background music, carefully curated for Karomi's showcase, added an ethereal dimension to the entire experience. It was a transformative experience, an exploration of existence itself. The meticulous craftsmanship and profound philosophical inspiration became palpable with every step, creating a contemplative atmosphere.

"Three looks from Karomi's fashion show, each a masterpiece of experimental Jamdani design. A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, these ensembles showcase the brand's commitment to sophisticated elegance and craftsmanship."

What made this musical accompaniment truly unique was the incorporation of  the ‘Purna Madah’ Hindu Shanti or Peace mantra, elegantly interwoven with dem tones. The mantra, known for its sacred significance, provided a spiritual undertone, resonating with the brand's commitment to its roots. Simultaneously, the infusion of dem tones introduced a contemporary flair, symbolizing Karomi's ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between the past and the present.

Our participation in 'Expressions of Integrity' wasn't just about showcasing our collection; it was a thoughtful exploration of tradition and transformation. The 'Shunyata' collection invites fashion enthusiasts to embark on a contemplative journey, appreciating the depth, beauty, and boundless potential within the quietude of emptiness.

"Karomi's Creative Head and Founder, Sarita Ganeriwala, and Co-founder Sarika Ginodia, alongside our skilled weaver, gracefully concluding the show on the ramp. A powerful image symbolizing the collaborative journey from craftsmanship to the runway, where tradition and innovation walk hand in hand."

Stay tuned for updates on the availability of the 'Shunyata' collection and join us at Karomi in redefining fashion with purpose and mindfulness. It was not just a fashion show for us; it was an invitation to explore the profound stories woven into every thread of our 'Shunyata' collection.