Karomi TAANKA – Tailor Made for all seasons

Karomi TAANKA – Tailor Made for all seasons

“Sustainable fashion is not a trend but the future.” – Antonia Böhlke

What you wear says a lot about who you are. Constantly playing catch up with the latest on runways and ramps is wearying on both, the person and the planet. Wearing the right attire is about making the right choice. We can choose fashion at the cost of sustainability. Conversely, we can choose sustainability at the cost of fashion. Both, poor choices for an eco-conscious, style driven, modern woman who needs neither guilt nor dullness to accompany her buy. She wants clothes that are “sustainably chic” …thus allowing her a “guilt free” shopping experience. And this is where Karomi Clothes come in…a range of beautifully designed garments, contemporary fusion wear, stylish and comfortable…sustainable and chic.

Each process involved in the making of our garments is mindfully in sync with sustainability. Designing of our garment begins with laying the warp on the loom. To work with and develop locally available materials and skill sets is important to us. Hence, all our garments are made with fabrics that are handwoven by the skilled artisans of Bengal. Every garment has the distinction of using fabric that has been specifically designed by the textile team of Karomi. Beautiful handspun cotton, lustrous silks handwoven in the ageless Jamdani weave give our silhouettes an advantage that few others have.

Sketches drawn on paper get seamlessly translated into garments by our masterji, aka pattern maker. His mantra in life, ‘maximum fabric usage with minimum waste.’ For every pattern that he cuts, he proclaims with pride, “hum itna fabric bachaae hain” (I have saved this much fabric). A simple concept, thoughtfully executed, sets the tone for Karomi’s zero waste policy.


The patterns we draft go through multiple stages of sampling to ensure both, beauty and comfort. Designers spend hours to breathe into each garment the right amount of quirk. Every stitch and stitch line, thread and color are meticulously arrived at to harmonise with the natural rhythm of the garment…a carefully orchestrated symphony of form and function with a large dollop of “heart”. It is this “heart” that makes Karomi silhouettes as soulful as their stunning designs!

And as ‘cherries on top’ are our pockets -in-seam pockets, pouch pockets, lip pockets (a must-have for every modern woman) …we never forget to add one.

 "When a silhouette or shape is as beautiful as it is functional and relevant, that's true luxury.” - Reed Krakoff

Exuding elegance, splendid for all seasons…every silhouette at karomi is “tailor-made” to resonate with this thinking. A true marriage of picture and purpose, craftmanship and design, our silhouettes embody effortless style. Born of a vision that expresses the sense of self through garments crafted with care and attention to detail; modern, yet independent of passing trends, these timeless Karomi clothes, stitched in hand woven, hand dyed, soft, breathable fabrics, make sustainable comfort-wear chic and stylish.

Aham Karomi