Design to Loom

How the loom weaves a story

Every piece begins as an idea on the drawing table. Completely hand done, the seed of the idea is allowed to grow with artistic abandon, explored in several colours, patterns and combinations. It is then graphed out as a design for the weavers to weave in Jamdani. 

Jamdani as a technique requires skilled weavers. It involves a community of artisans, often a family of weavers, dyers and spinners coordinating with each other. Jamdani weaving is work intensive, especially at Karomi, where we practice the authentic technique of hand-picked warp for Jamdani that requires both, precision and attention to detail.

Weaving authentically

Karomi Jamdani

All our processes, from dyeing to reeling, warping and weaving, are hand-done.



Sizing & Reeling


The wound bobbins are sent to another artisan who prepares the warp on a beam. As per the specified warping pattern, warp yarns are laid out on a large wooden wheel-like structure called a “drum...or beam”.
Depending on the complexity of the warping pattern, a single warp can take anywhere between 2 - 7 days for drumming.




Hand Block Printing

Karomi Chhaapa

Hand Embroidery

Karomi Kantha

Kantha is an embroidery craft where the simple ‘run’ stitch is traditionally used to paint stories on cloth by the rural women of Bengal. A Karomi Kantha is contemporary as it celebrates “pointillism” wherein every ‘run’ stitch can be seen as a speck of colour lending itself to a larger form. Embroidered on a block printed base, the resultant Kantha creates an interesting illusion of intermingling shapes and colourful textures.

Curated Stitching

Karomi Taanka