Gamcha 5 Stole
Gamcha 5 Stole

Gamcha 5 Stole

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This stole, part of our ‘Aakar’ collection, is handwoven in hand spun cotton and hand dyed in natural dyes by artisans of Bengal. Thoughtfully designed in our studio, the stole celebrates the ‘simple dot, triangle and square’ showcasing it in myriad ways. The designer's use of smaller motifs, to create a larger form – almost a circle – provides that distinctive Karomi touch to the stole. Woven by skilled Jamdani weavers, each warp is handpicked by the artisan to bring every motif to life, thereby upholding authenticity of the craft and epitomising sustainability.

Please note that there may be slight variations in weave and colour in every piece (from the picture). These variations are intrinsic to handwovens, and make each piece unique and beautiful.

Length – 78"  Width – 24”

Dry clean only.

For Saris, Stoles, Dupattas 
Domestic: Delivery in 6-8 business days.
For International shipment Reach Us

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